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There are different kinds of residential awning we provided. We will advise you to install the most suitable awning type based on your need and stay to your budget.


Our skilled and experienced installers are ready to provide our customers expert awning installation. Our professional installers will get the installation project done safely.

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We offer a free and informative quote before you decide to install the house awning. We are glad to visit your home in order for us to provide the most accurate quote.

Our Work


Size: 8ft x 15ft

We advised our client Mr Tee to install the polycarbonate awnings (a.k.a skylight) for the carport because it is durable and provides protection against the sun’s harsh rays.
We added 2 support beams to ensure the awnings are stable and safety. The installation of polycarbonate awnings was completed within 6 hours with 3 workers.

Mr Tee: Satisfied with the completed work and the price is reasonable. Recommended!

Installation Process

Tiles Roof
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Polycarbonate Awning
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Polycarbonate Awning
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